Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wyatt was extremely upset that Nana and Poppy were leaving, I felt the same way! Good thing they are coming back soon. He was three weeks old.

Wyatt sleeps in a travel bed on our coffee table for the time being. He is crazy when he sleeps and loves to kick back and put his hands behind his head. Again...three weeks.

Chattin' with mom. About a week and a half old.

Monday, June 1, 2009

This is our first family photo! Wyatt was three weeks old when it was taken. He has been a relatively good baby, not too much fussing. He loves "tummy time" and can lift his head and turn it from side to side. He is also focusing a lot better and I swear he smiles in reaction to us (even though the books say he has a while longer).

Nana and Poppy have been here for a while and leave on Wednesday! Not sure how I am going to do everything on my own, but I guess it's time to find out!

Jeremiah has been wonderful! He wakes up and does the 5:00 am feeding so Mom can sleep just a little bit longer. We know how she likes her sleep!

Wyatt is very upset, but wearing his black lab
shirt, which I thought he would love...

Poor Shay didn't know what to think!
One week old wearing my first camo's, Dad was so proud!