Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wyatt is such a smiley happy boy! He is still crawling, but man is he fast! Lots of standing but no steps yet. He seems like he wants to, but he has quite the load to lug around. He is saying "mama", "dadda", and "uh oh" pretty consistently. He seems to call the cat and dog "da" also quite a bit.

Look at that little smirk, just like his daddy!

My first Easter was spent at the zoo. I had a ball but of all things liked the horses the best.

Having lunch with daddy at work.

First swim in the pool! Loved it!

Having sushi with Nana and Poppie when they visited over Valentine's Day.

Sittin at the bar like a big boy

Lounging at Naya's with friend Jack.

Ready for a walk!

Standing a lot and working the walking part.

Getting a bath in Naya's sink. (Naya is his babysitter)

He is quite a crawler...he is FAST!

Daddy just loves the Camo's!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wyatt's 6 month photos!

Sorry it has been so long, hopefully this will catch you up! I will have to download the x-mas pics on the other computer!

Wyatt's First Halloween! Our little white tiger. He had a blast at the Neewollah celebration at the church.

6 months and becoming quite the little sitter.

He loves to read, he is very helpful in turning the pages :) He got the book Quiet Wyatt from the staff that I worked with in CO.

Such a flirt!

Daddy and Wyatt after this pic.

Just shy of 7 mo., getting festive!

Supervising while daddy puts up the X-mas lights, it was actually kind of cold, so we broke out the winter wear!

8 months-playing with his friend Jack. They play on Thursdays, so nice to have a little friend!

He is such a smiley booger! He is trying to crawl, he wants it, just can't make those feet go...
Wyatt's "cousins", his babysitter "Naya"'s grandkids come over and play a lot. He has a ball with them.