Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am so sorry I have gotten behind in my posts! July was crazy! Wyatt is 13 weeks old and most of these pics are between 10 and 13 weeks. He is so much fun, smiling all the time, sleeping through the night (mom's goal before she went back to work), eating like a champ, almost sitting up on his own, and watching ESPN with dad.
Wyatt's first vacation! We went to Mt. Shasta (45 min. from Redding) and hung out at the lake. It was gorgeous and Wyatt sat in his bouncy chair and hung out with the chicks...just like his dad!

The calm picture is him thinking about how wonderful his bath was and the hysterical picture is when he realized his bath was over-this is a nightly ritual

Wyatt loves bathtime and I love the way he looks in his towels :)
Wyatt loves tummy time in the boppy. He likes to watch the baseball highlights while he is in it.

Nana and Poppy were just here for a week long visit. Poppy fed Wyatt in the morning, mornings are the happiest times, he like to talk and dance.

I LOVE this picture. He was all smiles and having a great time with Dad. 10 weeks old

Auntie Sarah came for a visit for Fourth of July. We had a blast, it was too short. Wyatt was 8 weeks old and smiling up a storm. He finally gave us one after lots of trying for the camera...hence my wierd face

Thank god for the bouncy seat! He loves it and I actually get to shower and make dinner now :)

Mom and Wyatt take a nap together...good thing he likes to sleep. There's one thing he got from me!

Wyatt was a little scared of Shay Shay...she likes to like his face and he is not a fan!