Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wyatt's 6 month photos!

Sorry it has been so long, hopefully this will catch you up! I will have to download the x-mas pics on the other computer!

Wyatt's First Halloween! Our little white tiger. He had a blast at the Neewollah celebration at the church.

6 months and becoming quite the little sitter.

He loves to read, he is very helpful in turning the pages :) He got the book Quiet Wyatt from the staff that I worked with in CO.

Such a flirt!

Daddy and Wyatt after this pic.

Just shy of 7 mo., getting festive!

Supervising while daddy puts up the X-mas lights, it was actually kind of cold, so we broke out the winter wear!

8 months-playing with his friend Jack. They play on Thursdays, so nice to have a little friend!

He is such a smiley booger! He is trying to crawl, he wants it, just can't make those feet go...
Wyatt's "cousins", his babysitter "Naya"'s grandkids come over and play a lot. He has a ball with them.